Performance Ratio

To determine the Performance Ratio(PR) of modules and complete strings

Generated Power Monitoring (AC/DC)

To measure Voltage, Current, Power, Energy and Temperature

In-depth PV material research

Use PV-Blocks for in-depth PV material research

All-in-one PV Measurement solution

The PV-Blocks solution is a unique and versatile set of instruments to test and analyze any type of PV technology. It is targeted for Small cells, PV modules and complete strings. The IP68 system supports Silicon, Thin-Film, Perovskite, Hybrid materials, organic PV and even the latest high-capacity Bi-facial modules.

Cloud dashboards or on-premises tools

System features

  • Small cells, panels and complete strings
  • Gridconnection or dump-loads
  • All weather IP68
  • 1500V compliant
  • Cloud dashboards or on-premises tools
  • API support
  • Compliant to IEC standards: IEC 61724-1, IEC 61215-2, IEC 60891, IEC 60904

Standalone tools for

  • IV-Curves
  • Maximum Power Point tracking
  • AC/DC power monitoring
  • Irradiance (DNI, GHI, DHI, POI)
  • Meteo data and Spectrum

Click and Add

  • Modular system
  • DIN-rail mount
  • Easy to install and extend

Highlighted product

PV-MON: Accurate DC measurement for modules and strings


Voltage, Current, Power, Energy and Temperature

Main features:

  • Standalone
  • IP68
  • Voltage range: 60V, 100V, 200V, 1500V
  • Current range: up to 40A

Highlighted product

IV-LOAD: IV-Tracer, Load and MPP-tracker for single PV-modules


IV-Curve, Voltage, Current, Power and Voltage bias

Main features:

  • IP68
  • Voltage range: 5V, 40V, 80V, 200V
  • Current range: 0.1A, 1A, 10A, 20A, 40A

What do our customers say?

We have a very consistent data stream of IV-curves including many temperature and irradiance measurements, while all the panels remain in MPPT. The quality and continuity of the complete PV Blocks system is superb!

PV-Blocks is a valuable addition to our current product portfolio. Now we are able to provide a complete metereological solution.

We are more than happy to help you with your measurement challenges. Please contact us if you need help!